The Institute for Clinical Social Work

Clinical Practicum

At ICSW, we want every hour of our students’ clinical training to be meaningful. So we work with each student to identify practicum settings that align with their experience and career goals. Following are some examples of clinical practicum opportunities.

Pillars (Community Service Agency)

When it’s time to conduct practicum work, ICSW students can be placed in organizations like Pillars, a non-profit agency that provides community-based mental health services, addictions treatment and prevention, child and family development counseling, crisis support, domestic violence support, and sexual assault services.

Practicum Responsibilities: Students who train at a community service agency can expect to learn and deal with crisis intervention, assessment, psychotherapy, and case management services with children, adults, and families. Individual and family issues include mood disorders, relational conflict, substance use, school and behavioral problems, trauma, life stress, and mental illness.

Virginia Frank (Child Development Center)

Many ICSW students choose to spend their time in a child development center such as Virginia Frank, which provides a network of preventative and therapeutic services to parents and their young children, including a therapeutic nursery and kindergarten, counseling groups, and workshops.

Practicum Responsibilities: Students who train at a child development center can expect to provide therapeutic, developmental, and psychoeducational work with children, parents, and families, both individually and in groups. Students learn how to enhance the psychological and cognitive development of children with special needs and provide education and support to parents.

Other Practicum Placements