The Institute for Clinical Social Work

Inquiring Minds

Inquiring Minds students add diversity to our classroom discussions, and learn to apply psychodynamic ideas in different contexts enhancing their contribution to varieties of academic and professional discourse. Inquiring Minds students may attend any ICSW course (with instructor permission) except case conferences, most research courses and advanced electives.  Inquiring Minds students are expected to fulfill class requirements in full and are assigned a grade.  Courses can be transferred into ICSW’s Master’s or Doctoral programs if a student decides within five years to matriculate into a degree program, and is fully accepted into that program.

Admissions Standards: Applicants to the Inquiring Minds program must submit a program application (MA or PhD), submit proof of their advanced degree  (MA or PhD), and have an interview with the Associate Dean. Enrollment in any available course is limited by class size and instructor approval. Admission to the Doctoral Program is not guaranteed by acceptance in the Inquiring Minds program.

Contact Dr. Tolleson to set up an interview.

Available curriculum:

RM 601 Traditions of Inquiry in the Social Sciences I
CF 611 Psychodynamic Psychology I:  Psychodynamic Theories I
CF 621 Developmental Theory I
CL 611 Clinical Process and Technique I:  The Therapeutic Situation
RM 602 Traditions of Inquiry in the Social Sciences II
CF 612 Psychodynamic Psychology I:  Psychodynamic Theories II
CF 622 Developmental Theory II
CL 612 Perspectives on Clinical Formulation
CF 711 Psychodynamic Psychology III:  Freud
CL 721 Beyond 50 Minute Hour
CL 711 Clinical Process and Technique II:  The Therapeutic Attitude
CF 712 Psychodynamic Psychology IV:  Object Relations
CF 721 Psychoanalytic Social Theory
CL 712 Perspectives on Human Suffering
RM 801 Research Methods III
CF 811 Psychodynamic Psychology V:  Self Psychology
CL 821 The Social Construction of Difference I:  Race, Racialization, and Social Class
CL 811 Clinical Process and Technique III: Therapeutic Response
CF 812 Psychodynamic Psychology VI:  Relational Theory
CF 822 The Social Construction of Difference II:  Gender and Sexuality
CL 831 The Clinical Unconscious
CF 911 Psychodynamic Psychology VII: Contemporary Controversies

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