The Institute for Clinical Social Work

Program Overview

ICSW’s doctoral program is a non-resident, full-time course of study arranged to avoid interruption of our students’ clinical employment. While many of the students who enroll in our Ph.D. program are licensed clinical social workers and licensed clinical professional counselors, this is not a requirement for admission. Classes meet at the Institute on Friday afternoons and all day Saturday on alternating weekends, from September to December and from January to June. Completion of the doctoral requirements results in the acquisition of the Ph.D. in clinical social work.

Details and Requirements


The doctoral curriculum consists of three central sequences:

  1. The Clinical Sequence: Ensures that students develop a comprehensive and well-reasoned framework for clinical practice.
  2. The Research Sequence: Prepares students to engage in the brand of high-caliber scholarly research that defines and redefines the field.
  3. The Conceptual Foundations Sequence: Provides students with a thorough theoretical foundation, as well as a bridge connecting theory and practice. In addition, students have the opportunity to choose from elective courses that cover topics ranging from family therapy to forensics.

Sample Curriculum

First Year: Fall
Case Conference I
Clinical Process and Technique I
Development I
Psychodynamic Theory I
Research I

First Year: Spring
Case Conference II
Development II
Disorders of Adulthood I
Psychodynamic Theory II
Research II

Second Year: Fall
Case Conference III
Clinical Process and Technique II
Development III
Psychodynamic Theory III
Research III

Second Year: Spring
Case Conference IV
Development IV
Difference in Clinical Practice
Psychodynamic Theory IV
Research IV

Third Year: Fall Case
Conference V
Clinical Process and Technique III
Epistemology I
Psychodynamic Theory V
Research V

Third Year: Spring
Case Conference VI
Disorders of Adulthood II
Epistemology II
Psychodynamic Theory IV
Research VI

Fourth Year: Fall
Clinical Elective
Theory Elective

Fourth Year: Spring
Clinical Elective
Theory Elective
Research Elective