The Institute for Clinical Social Work

Transfer of Credit

We accept, on a case by case basis, transfer of credits from accredited doctoral and master’s programs for courses that are equivalent to courses offered at ICSW. Additionally, ICSW has formal credit transfer programs with several institutions, detailed below.

Courses from other programs must be evaluated by an appropriate member of the ICSW administration in consultation with current instructors of the equivalent courses in the Institute’s program. Their evaluation will include a judgment of content similarity and hours (e.g., each 16-hour course receives one credit). To apply for transfer of credit, the applicant must provide both transcripts and course descriptions from a printed course catalog or syllabus for review.

Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis

Students who are dually enrolled in ICSW and CCP are able to transfer the following credits between Institutions:

Washington Institute for Clinical Social Work

ICSW has a program in place to help students at the closed Washington Institute for Clinical Social Work to complete their doctoral education. (This policy was developed in consultation with HLC):

Transfer from Psychoanalytic Training Programs

ICSW will consider, on a case by case basis, the transfer of credit for classes taught at psychoanalytic training programs to fulfill up to four semesters of case conference classes and elective classes. ICSW will, on a case by case basis, accept transfer of credit for one supervised analytic case.