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ES 472: The Clinical Use of Dream Interpretation

Ph.D. Program: spring 2012-13

Mark Berger, M.D.

Course Description

This course is designed to familiarize the student with both the classical and more contemporary views on the usefulness of dreams as part of the treatment process. We will read about and discuss different views as to the best way to understand the meaning of the dreams reported during psychotherapy. The format of the class will be, first, a discussion of an assigned paper and second, the presentation of clinical case material by one of the class members. This course is to be graded pass/fail and the grade will depend one hundred percent on classroom participation.

  1. Introduction and case example by instructor
  2. Erickson, E., The Dream Specimen of Psychoanalysis. Journ. Amer. Psychoan., vol 2. Student case presentation
  3. Eisnitz, A.J., The Perspective of the Self representation in Dreams., The Interpretations of Dreams in Clinical Work. Rothstein (ed)., IUP 1987

Student case presentation

  1. Ornstein, P., On Self-state Dreams in the Psychoanalytic Treatment Process. Ibid. Student case presentation
  2. Tolpin, P., Self Psychology and the Interpretation of Dreams. The Future of Psychoanalysis. Goldberg (ed) 1983, IUP.

Student case presentation

  1. Bollas, C., At the Others Play: to Dream. The Shadow of the Object. Columbia U. Press. 1987

Student case presentation

  1. Dowling, S.,The Interpretation of Dreams in the Reconstruction of Trauma. The Interpretations of Dreams in Clinical Work., IUP 1987 Rothstein (ed).

Student case presentation

  1. Loden, S., The Fate of the Dream in Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Journ. Amer. Pscyhoan. Vol 51, no. 1.

Student case presentation


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