The Institute for Clinical Social Work


Dr. Dennis Shelby Named Emeritus Faculty


Dennis Shelby, Ph.D., was named, and unanimously endorsed by the faculty, as Emeritus Faculty in recognition of his years of service and accomplishments at ICSW. Dr. Shelby will continue as dissertation chair and committee member, as well as clinical consultant, for those students with whom he has been working. He will also continue guiding students who are working with him on their independent studies.

Dr. Kate Schechter to Chair Conceptual Foundations Sequence


Kate Schechter was chosen to serve as Chair of the Conceptual Foundations Sequence. A psychoanalyst, Dr. Schechter brings her extensive knowledge of clinical social work, psychoanalytic and social science theory, and research to this effort. In addition, she holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Chicago and a passion for the Institute and its mission to train the next generation of contemporary psychotherapists.

Dr. Joan DiLeonardi to Chair Research Sequence


Dr. Joan DiLeonardi has agreed to chair the Research Sequence for the upcoming academic year. Dr. DiLeonardi brings a wealth of knowledge in quantitative and qualitative research methods. She has taught research classes at the schools of social work at Loyola and the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has published a book on data analysis and a monograph on evaluation design, as well as research articles and has been the principal investigator on multi-state federally funded investigations. Dr. DiLeonardi is dedicated to ensuring meaningful thesis outcomes for ICSW’s doctoral students.

ICSW Doctoral Candidate Deployed to Newtown as Crises Therapist


ICSW doctoral candidate Lieutenant Commander Jonathan James (JJ) Lewis, was deployed to Newtown, CT yesterday in his capacity as a Health Services Officer and Clinical Social Worker for the United States Public Health Service. LCDR Lewis has — as do other ICSW students and alumni — a distinguished record in providing critical mental health services on behalf of our country under extreme circumstances.

Being called to assist in the wake of this horrific national tragedy is confirmation of LCDR Lewis' exceptional personal and professional skills. The ICSW community is immensely proud of JJ and has expressed our support and solidarity. In return, JJ says, "I appreciate the support from ICSW with this challenging endeavor. I’m proud to represent the US Public Health Service and ICSW in this way."

Military/Veterans Specialization: New Faculty Appointments


The Institute for Clinical Social Work is proud to announce the following faculty appointments as Visiting Professors:

Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Yarvis, PhD
Dr. Yarvis is Deputy Commander for Behavioral Health Service at the new Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, and an Former Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. For his work and his research on PTSD, LTC Yarvis was named both 2008 Uniformed Services and US Army Social Worker of the Year.

Harold Kudler, MD
Dr. Kudler is Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Duke University Medical Center. He is an Advanced Candidate in both the Adult and Child programs of the Psychoanalytic Education Center of the Carolinas and Chairman of the Service Members and Veterans initiative of the American Psychoanalytic Association.

Drs. Yarvis and Kudler have made outstanding contributions to the field of military and veterans mental health. They will be teaching and supervising students in the ICSW Military/Veterans Specialization.