The Institute for Clinical Social Work


Elizabeth Jacob Scholarship Awarded


Mead Goedert, a Third-Year Doctoral student, is the current recipient of the Elizabeth Jacob Scholarship. The Scholarship was established at ICSW to honor its namesake, who was committed to finding and following a thoughtful approach to treating families challenged by poverty, immigration, and trauma.

Mead entered the field of social work driven by a strong passion to serve individuals and families plagued by urban poverty. He has spent the majority of his career working with children, adolescents, adults, and families in inner-city Detroit. In his work, he has gained an intimate understanding of how environmental stressors affect the lives of his clients. Feeling unable to practice psychodynamically within an agency setting, and feeling increasingly constrained by the managed-care system, Mead started his own private practice where he strives to offer quality psychodynamic psychotherapy to clients from a broad socioeconomic and cultural spectrum.

According to his faculty advisor, Jennifer Tolleson, PhD, “Mead has the capacity to weave complex theory with very complex clinical and social situations without losing his connection to the humanity of the people involved and the pain they endure….He is able to bridge psychoanalytic thinking with concerns for social justice.”

Case consultant Patricia Seghers, PhD, agrees that “Mead is an amazing person with the curiosity and desire to learn, as well as the ability to embody the essence of psychodynamic psychotherapy.” She adds, “He is a gentle soul….and his initial experience working with high-risk kids and their families grounded him in ways beyond words.”

Those who have worked and studied with Mead agree the he is talented, good humored, compassionate, and the ideal beneficiary of Elizabeth Jacob’s legacy.