Letter from the President

Welcome to the Institute for Clinical Social Work!

It is a privilege to serve as president of The Institute of Clinical Social Work (ICSW). I accepted this position based on three reasons: (1) Quality of the Graduate Programs, (2) Outstanding Faculty, and (3) the Dedicated Focus on Psychodynamic Principles.

ICSW’s graduate programs are fully accredited through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and are eligible for federal financial aid. Every graduate student partners with a clinical consultant (faculty member) who is an expert in the student’s area of interest. Our PhD program is designed for working professionals who choose to study on-site, at our Chicago campus, or from any place in the nation, using the distance learning option. ICSW does have international students, although we do not provide student visas.

I believe our faculty’s commitment to each individual student, the one-on-one consultation experience provided to our students in their clinical work, and the incomparable support given to our PhD students during each stage of the dissertation process, sets us apart from other graduate programs. Ninety percent of ICSW students rated their consultation experience as good or excellent. We pride ourselves in nurturing and supporting our students as they pursue their academic and professional goals.

Our Master’s program uses one-on-one consultation with leading therapists, along with two years of clinical internships, to prepare graduates to have the skills and knowledge for clinical positions in a wide variety of settings. MA graduates are prepared to take the LPC licensing exam for Illinois and have a 100% pass rate.

ICSW’s focus on psychodynamic principles educates the psychotherapist on how to examine conscious and unconscious motivations that create barriers in client’s lives, not just focusing on symptom reduction. Psychodynamic theory provides a guide for how to build effective relationships, resolve trauma, and live life joyfully.

Because of these reasons, I fell in love with ICSW and I am confident, you will as well.

Allan Hoffman, EdD, CHES