The Institute for Clinical Social Work

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Mission & Values

The Institute for Clinical Social Work prepares scholars and practitioners to advance knowledge in the fields of clinical social work, counseling, and psychotherapy. We believe that a combination of theory, research, and clinical learning within a psychodynamic framework provides students with the experience to become leaders in clinical and academic environments.

Our Mission

ICSW develops scholar practitioners, advances knowledge, and deepens the quality of psychodynamic clinical practice.

Our Purpose

In keeping with the historical roots of our profession, we strive to develop graduates who recognize and celebrate diversity, who practice compassionately, and have the knowledge and skill to empower people individually and collectively to live meaningfully, treat others respectfully, and live decently.

Our Values

We believe that psychodynamically informed psychotherapy is invaluable in developing individual identities, deepening a sense of personal choice and efficacy, and helping individuals to live meaningful, vital lives.