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A contemporary psychodynamic perspective anchors the ICSW experience, leading to a comprehensive understanding of human motivation and behavior. Our master’s and doctoral programs embrace psychodynamic principles that guide our students to determine and resolve the causes of behavior rather than simply managing that behavior.

ICSW’s academic approach unites theory, research, and clinical practice to provide students with a rigorous education steeped in the issues and challenges facing clinicians today. Our curricula are strategically designed to blur the lines between the classroom and the clinic, allowing practicing clinicians to make their current professional concerns and ambitions central to their graduate studies.

ICSW students benefit from intimate classroom settings and the strong support of a faculty composed of expert social work clinicians, researchers, and educators. Whether earning a degree at our Chicago campus or through our pioneering Distance Learning programs, our students emerge from ICSW prepared to make substantial contributions to the future of counseling and clinical social work.

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