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Some clinicians may decide that a degree is not the right path for them at the moment, but they still want to advance their education. For this group, we offer two options, our Advanced Clinical Practice (ACP) and Student at Large programs. While these programs do not lead to degrees, their members are a valued part of our community, and help us to broaden our perspectives.

Advanced Clinical Practice Program (ACP)

This program offers advanced clinical training and education that enhances diagnostic, psychotherapeutic, and consultative skill. The program is three years, is comprised of all of ICSW’s doctoral theory and clinical curriculum, and culminates in an advanced clinical certificate.

Student at Large

ICSW’s Student at Large program allows professionals with graduate degrees to attend classes at ICSW that match their interests — whether it be one class, or several. All classes taken can be applied for doctoral credit if a student is accepted into the Ph.D. program within two years of class completion.