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Advanced Clinical Practice Certificate (ACP)

This certificate program offers advanced clinical training and education that enhances diagnostic, psychotherapeutic, and consultative skill. The program focuses on contemporary practice issues and literature and the most current theoretical and practice knowledge. The ACP Program is a three-year program of Clinical Practicum experience and classroom courses resulting in comprehensive, advanced mastery of clinical social work practice and knowledge. ACP students are expected to comply with guidelines for academic performance as in the Doctoral Program. A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the program.

Admissions Standards: Applicants to the ACP program are expected to meet the same requirements as the PhD program applicants.

Program Description:

The ACP Program is organized into two components: 1) Coursework and 2) the Clinical Practicum.

The ACP coursework is a three year full time immersion in psychodynamic theory and clinical learning.  The courses follow ICSW’s entire clinical and theory doctoral curriculum.

ACP students are required to complete 4 year-long clinical consultations (the second and third consultations are done concurrently), as well as a present a case to a faculty panel.

The program objectives are:

  1. Enhance students’ abilities to evaluate clients in a psychodynamic framework.
  2. Enhance students’ abilities to conduct psychodynamically based clinical practice.
  3. Enhance students’ abilities to articulate their psychodynamic clinical understanding orally and in writing



CF 611 – Psychodynamic Psychology I:  Psychodynamic Theories I

CF 621 – Developmental Theory I

CL 601 – Case Conference I: The Case Study

CL 611 – Clinical Process and Technique I:  The Therapeutic Situation

Clinical Practicum I


CF 612 – Psychodynamic Psychology I:  Psychodynamic Theories II

CF 622 – Developmental Theory II

CL 602 – Case Conference II:  The Case Study

CL 612 – Perspectives on Clinical Formulation


CF 711 – Psychodynamic Psychology III:  Freud

CL 721– Beyond 50 Minute Hour

CL 701 – Case Conference III

CL 711 – Clinical Process and Technique II:  The Therapeutic Attitude

Clinical Practicum II

Clinical Practicum III


CF 712 – Psychodynamic Psychology IV:  Object Relations

CF 721 –Psychoanalytic Social Theory

CL 702 – Case Conference IV

CL 712 – Perspectives on Human Suffering


CF 811 – Psychodynamic Psychology V:  Self Psychology

CL 821 –The Social Construction of Difference I:  Race, Racialization, and Social Class

CL 801 – Case Conference V

CL 811 – Clinical Process and Technique III: Therapeutic Response

Clinical Practicum IV


CF 812 – Psychodynamic Psychology VI:  Relational Theory

CF 822 – The Social Construction of Difference II:  Gender and Sexuality

CL 802 – Case Conference VI

CL 831 – The Clinical Unconscious

CF 911 –Psychodynamic Psychology VII: Contemporary Controversies