The Institute for Clinical Social Work

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Chicago, Hyde Park,

Loma Linda, and Online


Academic Dean

Ida Roldán, Ph.D.

Director of the Master’s Program

Cheryl Neuman Meltzer, LCSW
(312) 935-4241

Vice President, Finance and Operations

Michael Bauman, M.S.
(312) 935-4242

Director of Academic Administration

Elizabeth Oller, M.M.
(312) 935-4245

Director of Student Support Services

Sebastién Beaudet, M.S.
(312) 935-4234

Conceptual Foundations Sequence Chair

Sherwood Faigen, M.A.

Chair of Research

Jennifer Tolleson, Ph.D.
(312) 935-4244

Clinical Practicum Coordinator

Joan Servatius, Ph.D.