CF 611 and 612: Psychodynamic Psychology I and II: Psychodynamic Theories I and II

The evolution of psychodynamic theory beginning with its origins in the work of Freud will be explored in this year long course, with an emphasis on historical context and the cultural and clinical implications of discrete theories, revisions, and controversies. The goals for each student are: 1) To become familiar with the key theorists of the psychoanalytic tradition, the epistemological premises upon which their thinking is based, and some of the attending challenges and limitations of their thinking; 2) To understand the implications of psychodynamic theorizing for contemporary clinical practice and culture; and 3) To develop a beginning critical awareness of one’s implicit identifications with particular theoretical assumptions (which are rooted in particular sociopolitical-historical moments), and to locate one’s thinking within the broader context of theoretical history.  Prerequisite: CF 611