CL 601 and CL 602: Case Conference I and II

The purpose of this two-semester seminar is to deepen students’ familiarity with the process of clinical conceptualization from a psychodynamic point of view. Using core concepts of transference, countertransference, therapeutic alliance, therapeutic contract, enactment, development, and motivation, among others, we will spend our year together examining the therapist’s attitude, activity, and impact on the treatment. We will look at the therapeutic encounter as it informs the psychodynamic conceptualization of the “case” and the diagnostic evaluation of the client. In the first semester, clinical material and readings will provide a basis for studying the way a case is conceptualized from a psychodynamic perspective. In the second semester, the focus will turn to constructing a psychodynamic case formulation, which includes the study of diagnoses as it applies to and informs clinical work. Prerequisites: CL 601 (for CL 602)