CL 712: Perspectives on Attachment, Loss and Grief

Attachment and loss are intrinsic to the human condition. This course explores many dimensions of attachment and loss, particularly as encountered in clinical practice. The historical writings are examined, together with contemporary works. The course looks at the complexity of loss and grief, including their relationship to trauma and attachment issues. The course also examines theories and research on psychodynamic psychotherapy, neurobiology and emotional regulation.  The treatment of loss, grief and attachment issues often involves the processing of intense emotions that impact the therapist and client. People may respond to loss with growth in character, spirituality and morally. People may also respond to loss with compulsive reenactments of painful feelings, such as addictive behaviors or self-harm in an effort to relieve otherwise unbearable states of mind. We will consider the idea that some loss, grief and suffering is intrinsic and cannot be relieved. Prerequisites: CL 612; CF 611; CF 612; CF 621; CF 622