A. Maria Nanos, PhD

Class of 2013


The experience of grandmothers raising grandchildren (2013)

A. Maria Nanos

Maria Nanos, PhD, ICSW class of 2013, has been the Executive Director of The Center for Law and Social Work (CLSW) since 2010.  CLSW works to help relatives assume Guardianship or Adoption for family members.  Common scenarios include a grandparent assuming guardianship of minor grandchildren when the parent dies, is incarcerated, or is ill or otherwise unable to care for the Children, or adult children assuming guardianship of aging parents in order to make care decisions.  Recently, CLSW has been assisting the families of special needs minors who will be turning 18 (thereby becoming legal adults) with Adult Guardianship.  CLSW receives funding from the Department of Children and Family Services, Department on Aging and individual donors. They charge on a sliding scale fee for other clients not involved in the child welfare system.

Dr. Nanos teaches in the MSW program at Loyola University.  She teaches child treatment and runs a case conference seminar.  She has a private practice with children, adults, and couples in Evanston.  In addition, Dr. Nanos is a therapist for Porchlight Counseling, an agency dedicated to provide clinical services to victims of sexual assault on college campuses.