Kandice H. Van Beerschoten, PhD

Class of 2014


BDSM Experiences, Relationships, and Scenes in Southern Dominants (2014)

Kandice H. Van Beerschoten

This study explored the various meanings that heterosexual male Dominants assigned to their relationships and sexual scenes with their submissive partners. Utilizing a multiple case study methodology, seven participants were each interviewed five times regarding their family history, interest in and practice of BDSM, relationship history, and the internal emotional impact of the interactions that take place during a scene with a submissive. The finds showed that there was an important element of restitution for the participants during the scene, wherein they were able to work toward reconciliation of individual childhood experiences. A clear sadomasochistic pattern also emerged in the adult relationships of the participants. Additionally, there was a distinct need by most participants to connect with their partner in an emotionally significant manner.