Nancy J. Bailey, PhD

Class of 1995


The experience of latency age children with intermittent fluctuating hearing problems (1995)

Nancy J. Bailey

The Piers-Harris Children’s Self-concept Scale and a semi-structured interview instrument were used to assess the self-esteem and the experiences of 46 latency age children with middle ear disease to determine the impact of the hearing problems on the psychosocial functioning of the children. The intermittent, fluctuating hearing problems did not appear to affect adversely the overall self-esteem of the study sample. The children’s experiences created some stress and some anxiety yet their functioning, intrapsychically and interpersonally, was adequate. The level of functioning suggests that the environments of the children which included families, peers and others, were able to meet the children’s emotional and physical needs sufficiently and this enabled them to perform in school and form peer relationships generally well.