Sidney Miller, PhD

Class of 2001


Women's experience of power (2001)

Sidney Miller

Sidney Miller, PhD, is in private practice in Chicago.  A minority of her work is with mothers of substance abusing young adults.  Dr. Miller notes, “Each of the women had a daughter who was actively addicted to alcohol and /or drugs but was making little progress in treatment.  As is often the case, the parents were encouraged to participate in some way in their daughters treatment as a support to their daughter. The parents complied, Mother and/or father, as best they could, with little impact on their adult child’s treatment result. Familiar was the frustration and despair voiced by the parents, who had been unsuccessful getting their daughter help. Either at the parents request, or the treatment professional’s suggestion, they came to me for help -for their daughter, of course, such as how to talk to her, etc, much of which they had gotten frequently in the past from many people. Based on my experiences and I’m sure other therapists experiences, the challenge is getting the parent refocused on their own issues rather than their adult child. This effort pays off so much better than advice about managing their life or their child’s life or problems. In nearly every instance, including the above mentioned mothers, when the parent was able to settle into their own therapy and became engaged enough to experience some benefit, the “child” finally stopped abusing drugs/alcohol.”  Dr. Miller remains appreciative of her experience at ICSW.  Towards that end she continues her studies at the Institute for Psychoanalysis as well as some of ICSW’s excellent offerings.



  • R.N., School Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center
  • B.S., Roosevelt University
  • MSW, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • PhD, Institute for Clinical Social Work