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Summer in the City 2019

Friday, August 16:


The Wisdom of Psychodynamic Theory: What Does it Offer Us In Our Multicultural World?

Conversations Among Psychodynamic Clinicians

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Since Freud, and across professional and academic disciplines, psychodynamic thinking has been idealized, debated, and at times denigrated as a form of therapeutic practice.   And yet, the meaningfulness and utility of psychodynamic theorizing persists, finding sustained life within ordinary contemporary psychotherapeutic practice.  This series, using discrete sets of psychodynamic theory in combination with personal and clinical associations by small panels of ICSW faculty and doctoral students, will explore how and why these discourses matter in the context of our diverse social world.

3 CEUs per event / 21 CEUs full summer series


1)    To promote consideration of the ways in which psychodynamic theory continues to inform contemporary therapeutic practice.

2)   To facilitate consideration of clinical implications of psychodynamic thinking within diverse practice contexts. 

This session is one of a series of 7 sessions throughout the summer: KLEIN (June 14), WINNICOTT (June 21), RELATIONAL THEORY (July 12), ATTACHMENT THEORY (July 19), SELF PSYCHOLOGY (August 2), NONLINEAR DYNAMICS THEORY (August 9), NEUROSCIENCE AND PSYCHOANALYSIS (August 16)


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Amy Groessl, PhD

Dr. Amy Groessl is a licensed clinical social worker specializing in the treatment of children and adults who have a history of complex trauma, neurocognitive deficits, attachment disorders, and issues related to adoption. She currently provides psychotherapy, clinical supervision, and consultation in a private practice in Chicago. Dr. Groessl was director of the therapy program at Children's Research Triangle (CRT) for 11 years providing direct services, local and national trainings, and managed local and federal funding grants, which included a seven-year project with the National Child Traumatic Stress Network. Besides her clinical work, Dr. Groessl is a visiting lecturer at the Institute for Clinical Social Work teaching courses that focus on qualitative research, trauma, attachment theory, and neuropsychology. In her free time, she enjoys working as a professional genealogist with special interest in helping adoptees research their biological lineage.

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Joe Palombo, MA, Emeritus Director

Joseph Palombo, M.A., is a clinical social worker who is the Distinguished Director Emeritus of the Joseph Palombo Center for Neuroscience and Psychoanalytic Social Work. He is the Founding Dean of the Institute for Clinical Social Work. His publications include: Learning disorders and disorders of the self in children and adolescents, Nonverbal learning disabilities: A clinical perspective, and with the co-authorship of Bendicsen, H., & Koch, B. Guide to Psychoanalytic Developmental Theories. He is currently completing a new book titled: Searching for Complementarity: A neuropsychodynamic perspective on self-deficits. He provides consultation to families of patients with complex neuropsychological challenges.

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Sue Terrell, PhD

Susan R Terrell, PhD, LCSW, RN is in private practice in Oak Park, IL serving children, adolescents, adults, and families with a variety of developmental and/or life issues. She has worked in a number of settings including as a school social worker and as Executive Director of an after school tutor/mentor program for immigrant, refugee, and economically disadvantaged children. Dr. Terrell is a visiting lecturer at the Institute for Clinical Social Work and has taught courses that focus on trauma and neuropsychology and quantitative research. She also taught Human Development at The Center for Religion and Psychotherapy of Chicago. Dr. Terrell has presented at numerous conferences on topics including neuroscience, psychoanalytic psychotherapy and the adolescent brain; the interface of psychotherapy and spirituality; and clinical issues dealing with parenting and child development.

Dr Terrell received her PhD from the Institute for Clinical Social Work and her MSW from Loyola University, Chicago.

Summer in the City Registration Fees:

$50 individual session / $280 full series

Student/Agency Rate: $40 individual session / $210 full series

Later Event: August 27
MA Online Open House - 8/27/19