Barbara Berger, PhD - Faculty Emeritus


On the Clinical and Theoretical Significance of Repetitive Signifiers as Exemplified by Proper Names (1992)

Barbara Berger maintains a full-time practice in addition to being active in the ICSW and social work communities. At ICSW, she has been on dissertation committees and currently serves as vice chair of advancement on the Board of Trustees. In the social work community, she is active on the Consortium Board and in the AAPSCW, where she is on the executive committee and the National Board, and she serves as a liaison to the ACPE Board. Dr. Berger’s areas of clinical expertise are adults and couples, and she is interested in doing more publishing and presenting.

Areas of Interest & Approaches to Practice

Adults and Couples; Psychodynamic, Insight-oriented


  • BA (Sociology and Psychology), University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL

  • MA (Social Service Administration), University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

  • PhD (Clinical Social Work), Institute for Clinical Social Work, Chicago, IL


  • L.C.S.W., Illinois

Courses Taught at ICSW

  • CL 731: Disorders of Adulthood I: Neurotic, Personality, and Psychotic Disorders

Additional Faculty Roles

  • Consulting

  • Research Advising

Awards & Honors

  • Lifetime Achievement Awards. American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work (AAPCSW), 2013

  • Distinguished Service Award. Institute for Clinical Social Work, 2012

  • Distinguished Practicioner. National Academy of Practice, 2001

Professional Memberships & Affiliations

  • American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work (AAPCSW)

  • The Consortium

Significant Publications

  • Berger, B. (2013). A Perfect Storm: The influence of outside forces on social work education. In E. Ruderman and C. Tosone (Eds.). Contemporary clinical practice, the holding environment under assault (pp. 61-73). New York: Springer.

  • Berger, B. (June 2008). Introduction. Clinical Social Work Journal, ed. Carol Tosone. Guest editor Barbara Berger, 36(2).

  • Berger, B. (2006). The psychodiagnostic manual. Alliance of Psychoanalytical organizations steering committee task force on conceptual and research foundations. Silver Springs, MD.

  • Berger, B., and Segall, A. (2003). Irmgard Wessell: The making of a clinical social worker. Clinical Social Work Journal, 31(1).

  • Berger, B., and Spira, M. (2001). The penultimate understanding the development of adult women beyond menopause (pp. 23-38). Psychoanalytic Social Work Journal, 8(1).


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