ICSW Alumni/Faculty Article in Psychoanalytic Social Work Journal

Reconsidering Graduate Training and Clinical Practice: The Importance of Psychodynamic Thinking” by Sarah Kautz, PhD, ICSW alum, and Michelle Piotrowski, PhD, ICSW alum and faculty member, has been published in the journal Psychoanalytic Social Work.

Abstract: Treatment can be powerfully informed by the exploration of psychodynamic concepts. Yet, many graduate social work programs struggle to adequately examine these ideas. This article addresses this gap in social work education by advocating for graduate-school coursework focusing on—at a minimum—the concepts of (a) the unconscious, (b) transference, and (c) countertransference. We offer a synopsis of current graduate-level coursework, and an examination of psychodynamic thinking, including its base of evidence and value in contemporary treatment. We argue that understanding these fundamental psychodynamic concepts creates a more nuanced, deeper, and impactful treatment and that training in this area is beneficial to all social workers.

Link to Full Article: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/15228878.2019.1647856

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