At The Institute for Clinical Social Work, we train graduate students to become clinicians/psychotherapists that work in a variety of mental health settings.

ICSW’s Master’s program in Clinical Counseling and Psychotherapy is a full or part-time course of study designed to prepare students for careers in the mental health field with a specific emphasis on the integration of modern psychodynamic perspectives. After students complete the degree, they are eligible to apply for Illinois state licensure (LPC).

Upon graduation, students are prepared to seek employment in a variety of settings, including:

  • community mental health agencies
  • the court system
  • child welfare
  • medical settings
  • schools
  • agencies serving marginalized populations
  • substance abuse treatment settings
  • family services agencies
  • private mental health and group practice


In Their Words

This is a program for people that are interested in becoming psychotherapists. You will emerge from this program with the ability to apply psychodynamic theory to clinical practice in diverse settings. You will leave with the skills to competently sit with, assess, and treat people from a range of backgrounds, struggling with a range of issues. Throughout the program, you will feel encouraged, affirmed, supported, listened to, and deeply challenged. This is a program for people that are committed to the field of mental health, and want to help bring about deep, lasting changes in the lives of those they treat. There is no other Master’s program that offers such an emotionally supportive, academically rigorous, and life-changing educational experience.

Jessica JohnsonClass of 2015

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