Field Placements

At ICSW, we strive to make every hour of our students’ clinical training meaningful.

We work with each student to identify practicum settings that align with their experience and career goals. Where most counseling programs require one year of field placement, ICSW’s commitment to clinical excellence is demonstrated in the requirement of two years of clinical training.

The following are some examples of clinical field placements:

The Kedzie Center

The Kedzie Center is a community mental health center formed from the ground up by the efforts of North River residents, who worked to ensure through a community tax, that all community members would have access to compassionate, quality and culturally-informed mental health care.
The Kedzie Center works to provide all community based services through a psychodynamic lens. They provide individual, family and group therapy, psychiatric consultation, and guidance in identifying and accessing community resources. Services are provided in both English and Spanish and are available to children, adolescents and adults. Students will receive training in clinical work, including intakes and diagnostic assessments, individual and family therapy, group therapy, community outreach and education and clinical case management. Education is a significant focus of the organization and they have trainings and case conferences with the clinical staff on a weekly basis.

Virginia Frank (Child Development Center)

Many ICSW students choose to spend their time in a child development center such as Virginia Frank, which provides a network of preventative and therapeutic services to parents and their young children, including a therapeutic nursery and kindergarten, counseling groups, and workshops.
Students who train at a child development center can expect to provide therapeutic, developmental, and psycho-educational work with children, parents, and families, both individually and in groups. Students learn how to enhance the psychological and cognitive development of children with special needs and provide education and support to parents.

The Josselyn Center

The Josselyn Center is a comprehensive community-based behavioral health care center in Northfield that services more than 60 communities in the Northern Illinois region. The Josselyn Center offers low fee affordable clinical services, including counseling and psychiatric services for individuals (including children), couples and families. The Josselyn Center also provides case management, supportive counseling and group services. A student who chooses to intern at The Josselyn Center will have a diverse caseload of therapy cases and receive individual and group supervision on a weekly basis. They will also be part of a weekly case conference.
The Holding Circle, a community school based counseling program through The Institute for Psychoanalysis provides counseling to at risk children at the South Shore Fine Arts Academy. Students have the opportunities to do psychodynamically informed one-on-one therapy in a school setting. They also have an opportunity to work with parents, school teachersand administrators to facilitate a compassionate and clinically informed view of children’s issues. Students take part in individual supervision as well as a multi-disciplinary case conference weekly.

Barr Harris Children’s Grief Center

The Barr Harris Grief Center, run by the Institute for Psychoanalysis, has a mission is to provide therapeutic services to bereaved children and their families who have experienced loss through death, divorce or abandonment. The Center has established programs at locations such as Little Company of Mary Hospital, La Rabida Children’s Hospital, and at several Chicago Public Schools.The Barr Harris Center offers diagnostic evaluations of the child, parent, and other family members as well as provide the child with short- or long-term treatment. Students mostly provide one-to-one therapy to at risk children in Chicago public schools as well as take on some child cases at the different clinic sites. Students receive regular training tutorials, individual and group supervision.

Other Practicum Placements

  • Jewish Children and Family Services
  • Replogle Center for Counseling and Well-Being
  • Howard Brown Health Center
  • Heartland Alliance
  • Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy
  • Midwestern University Counseling Center
  • Catholic Charities
  • Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center
  • Juvenile Protective Association
  • Beth Osten and Associates Therapeutic Services
  • The Ark
  • Way Back Inn
  • Pillars
  • The Adult Psychotherapy Clinic at The Institute for Psychoanalysis


In Their Words

ICSW’s rigorous course material was in part one of the reason’s that I graduated from the Master’s program feeling confident in my abilities as a therapist and was then able to secure a prestigious position at The Center for Religion and Psychotherapy of Chicago. The clinical work in addition to the course work and professors provide a well-rounded and truly unique experience that I don’t feel I would have received at any other institution. The administration’s willingness and sincere openness to improving the ever-evolving culture of the program, including improving their diversity in the staff and student body is an indicator of the quality of ICSW.

Emily esquivel Class of 2017