Letter to POTUS

Jul 02, 2018

Dear President Trump:

The Institute for Clinical Social Work requests in the strongest possible way, that the Trump administration immediately return children removed from their caretakers who were seeking refuge in the United States of America.  Removal of children from their caretakers has long standing, negative effects on the mental and physical health of these children and will likely cause permanent damage to their developing selves.  The sooner these children are reunited with their parents, the sooner healing can unfold and the damage done by this removal begin to be mitigated.

We condemn in the strongest possible terms the manipulation of vulnerable children and the punishment of their families as deterrents to immigrants seeking help from the United States in times of strife.

The mission of the Institute for Clinical Social Work, an institution of higher education, is to prepare scholars and practitioners to advance the knowledge and quality of practice in the fields of clinical social work and counseling and to serve diverse communities through professional and academic contributions.


Amy Eldridge, PhD
Interim President
Institute for Clinical Social Work