PhD Program

ICSW’s doctoral program, with both Onsite and Distance Learning options, emphasizes the application of psychodynamic theory to a broad range of practice settings.

Students combine their professional pursuits and educational goals to engage in intensive research and case-based clinical training under the guidance of close faculty mentorship.

ICSW’s doctoral graduates move on to become experts in the field of clinical social work through service, research, and practice. Students are prepared to extend their careers in a wide range of professional settings serving diverse communities, including:

  • community mental health agencies
  • academia
  • the court system
  • child welfare
  • medical settings
  • administration
  • primary, middle, and secondary schools
  • private clinical practice
  • agencies serving marginalized populations
  • substance abuse treatment settings
  • private mental-health agencies


In Their Words

ICSW has an outstanding program because of the rigorous instruction, the consultations around practice, and faculty skill, dedication, and passion. I began my graduate experience at Smith College School for Social Work; I completed my doctorate at ICSW where I learned to be a professional, a scholar, a clinician, and a specialist in our field making a difference.

Jamie Loveland, PhDClass of 2016