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ICSW Spring Conference: Race and Resistance in a Psychoanalytic Key


Edward Haley, A.M.


Edward Haley

Edward Haley has been involved in the ICSW community by teaching classes, serving on the admissions committee, chairing the faculty advisory committee, serving on the curriculum committee, and by supervising many treatment cases and diagnostics. His area of clinical expertise is long-term treatment, and he likes to help students understand and clarify problematic therapy issues. Mr. Haley is especially interested in unconscious communication in the therapeutic process. Ed is currently teaching in the distance learning program. He has finished the first year and is enjoying the opportunity to be involved with faculty and students again.


  • A.B., University of Chicago
  • A.B., University of Chicago
  • A.M., University of Chicago
  • Child and Adolescent Program Certificate, Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis


(773) 348-2270