2019 Spring Conference Making Connections: Women, Global Violence, and the Refugee Experience

Synopsis: Human understanding, upon which clinical practice is based, is rooted in compassion derived from contact with experiences outside our own. One irony about this comes with the realization that we are more alike than the differences which have been made of us. ICSW’s full day conference will focus on experiences of women who are living—often— off our symbolic professional register, whose lives are beyond the reach of our formal theories and practices. We will hear from (and about) women—both globally and locally— who have suffered violence and injustice. In coming together we can expand the domain of our understanding and learn something about ourselves, as clinicians and as citizens.

A preconference performance by Her Story Theater will take place Friday evening, April 26th. (Conference registration is required.)


For questions or more information contact Shawna Jennings or 312-935-4234.