Alumni Workshop 2019

Please join the Alumni Relations committee for The Institute for Clinical Social Work’s Annual Alumni and Advanced Student Event

Frank Summers, Ph.D. will discuss current trends in psychotherapy.  A Training and Supervising Analyst at the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis, Dr. Summer is the author of four books, including his recently published The Psychoanalytic Vision: The Experiencing Subject, Transcendence, and the Therapeutic Process, a fresh approach to psychoanalytic therapy and its place in contemporary culture based on phenomenological philosophy. This book is the winner of the Gradiva Award for the best psychoanalytic book of 2013.  Dr. Summers has published extensively and lectured nationwide on object relations theories and their application to the process of psychoanalytic therapy.  The emphasis of his contributions has been on the translation of insight into concrete emotional and behavioral changes by bringing to fruition the latent potential of the patient. His books and papers in professional journals elucidate his theory that psychoanalytic therapy is a process of self creation in which the therapist plays the dual role of understanding current patterns and facilitating the creation of new ways of being and relating.  Please see his website for more information.


For questions or more information contact Shawna Jennings or 312-935-4234.