Mental Health in the Age of Trump

We will listen to the Podcast, Mental Health in the Age of Trump, wherein Allan Scholom was interviewed by Tom Moss of the political action group, Indivisible. We will then take up some of the issues addressed which include the historical, political, economic and psychological conditions that led us to the Trump presidency and what will remain after he leaves office. We will consider core American fantasies/illusions/myths as in the American Dream and American Exceptionalism as pivotal in understanding the critical question of why people act in ways that are not in their self-interest on a societal and individual level.  This question is the point of intersection between the political and personal and is illuminated by the crucial psychoanalytic concept of Identification with the Aggressor and how mystification,  gaslighting and propagandizing facilitate this. We will address how the political realm is becoming more embedded in current clinical work and how we can use this to enhance the depth and breadth of our engagement with our patients. Current national and local organizing and service delivery initiatives will be taken up.  We will also talk about how to use our psychoanalytic perspective to reach out into the world via collective action and in the media on a societal level. And of course, we will discuss whatever related issues participants are interested in.


For questions or more information contact Shawna Jennings or 312-935-4234.