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At The Institute for Clinical Social Work, we’re bound by the belief that tomorrow can always be better — for our students and for the communities that our students serve. This belief is rooted in our history.

Established in 1981, ICSW is the first and only accredited, independent school in the nation to offer a doctoral program in clinical social work. Today, we advance this mission with a combination of master’s and doctoral programs, as well as onsite and online learning opportunities. Whichever path students take, they find an educational experience defined by psychodynamic principles, close collaboration with faculty members, and intensive clinical training.

ICSW offers the nation’s premiere clinical social work doctoral program designed specifically for clinicians who are practicing in the field, allowing students to combine their academic and professional pursuits. Our onsite master’s program in clinical counseling and psychotherapy also emphasizes clinical training, allowing students to earn eligibility for state licensure (LPC) as counseling psychologists.

At ICSW, our students engage in research that’s shaped by their own long-term goals. In other words, our flexible model ensures that students can sculpt the education that will matter most to them. At each step of the way, ICSW students work closely with an esteemed faculty that is drawn from an array of professional settings — academic institutions, clinical practices, agencies, research firms, public schools, veteran’s facilities, and more. This blend of practical experience and academic ambition is a trademark of the ICSW experience.

ICSW is a vibrant and growing community headquartered in downtown Chicago and extending nationwide. We are comprised of more than 45 faculty members, 90 students, and 125 graduates, each hoping to make new contributions to the future of clinical social work, counseling, and psychotherapy.